A picture of Chris Johnson in front of a brick wall background
Chris Johnson's stories blend science fiction, light urban fantasy, and a dash of quirky humour. He loves to include wise-cracking heroes (and heroines) who are stuck in strange situations from which they have to escape.

That can happen after surviving the 1980s on a diet of Atari computers, comics, and lots of cool music in a small town.

Chris graduated with a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from CQU and a smattering of public relations and communication. He also has numerous hobbies and interests that include running, kungfu, and ripping the wings off butterflies before re-attaching them with glue.

In his varied career, Chris has hustled at Three-Card Monte, read celebrities palms, publicly predicted the 1992 Los Angeles Riots a week beforehand, and hunted ghosts. But his most unusual gig is performing as a professional mentalist and psychic entertainer on stage, television, radio, and at private events. He's performed shows for the public, at corporate functions, and private parties -- and still does today.