Tuesday 1 November 2016


My Beta-Readers LOVE my new novel "Dead Cell". It's now in the formatting stages for conversion to paperback and EBook, and I am feeling more excited than a kid waiting for Christmas.

You will love the main characters, the tension that builds between them, and the mind-popping twist and turns that lead to the thrilling toe-curling climax. Special thanks go to Helen Odins and Kris Verity for their time and comments on the book.

The story centres around the city of Statton where more car-related deaths are happening than usual. There are no unusual circumstances to show they are more than misadventure. But then the adopted niece of Craig Ramsey, psychic investigator, falls victim to a bizarre traffic accident. He pushes against the investigators led by the sceptical Detective-Sergeant Cogan in a cat-and-mouse paranormal thriller.

 Dead Cell is coming soon in time for the Christmas stocking. Stay tuned for pre-orders.

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