Friday 17 March 2017

Pre-Order Now: Bag of Life

"Gibbs literally held his life in his own life. As he clutched the bag, the doll's shape showed through the cloth - arms and legs appearing to struggle for their freedom."

Gibbs used to work on a cotton farm in the early twentieth century, alongside the black workers - descendants of slaves. He enjoyed their company, working alongside them as they sang in the sun. But not all of them were happy.

H'anga felt the white men still oppressed them, making them work for low pay while they collected the profits. He created two dolls, enchanted with ancient black magic that would make examples of the white bosses.

Gibbs and his boss Wilson finally overcame H'anga, killing him before he could kill others — but you can't kill evil curses. And some curses carry a double edge, disguised as a hellish blessing.

The Bag of Life is set for release soon - April 1st 2017 - through Amazon. Pre-order it now, before it gets you! Find it at

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