Monday 16 April 2018

Review - Road To Tamarlin

I recently picked up a copy of Road To Tamarlin by KM Steele. It's a good read, reminding me of some of the classic Australian literature I read so many years ago in high school.

I want to review more Australian works, and so I will include this in my blog for you all.

""Return to Tamarlin" proved a good read for me. While I expected another version of "Jasper Jones", "Return to Tamarlin" stands on its own.

The descriptions reminded me of when I lived in Perth and travelled out to Kalgoorlie for a weekend. I almost wanted to return myself. And the characters carried depth, the kind that suggest the author knows them intimately. These days, not many writers can do that, and it's a credit to K.M. Steele and her passion in sharing this story with her readers.

Pick it up and read it. You'll enjoy it."

Would you like a copy? You can find it on Kobo and Amazon.

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