Sunday 6 May 2018


I’m so close to my words target for Demon Blade, but so much is happening in it, it will be much longer than its prequel Dead Cell.

Without ruining the story, one of your favourite characters is undergoing torture. But it’s not just the physical kind. Most physical wounds heal. Mental and psychological torture, however, can severely harm someone for life.

You see, the antagonist (is it a he or a she?) knows plenty about our heroic character. And is connected to his/her past in such a way...

 Well, I won’t say much more. But it involves a loss, the questions that plague one when a loved one dies, and what would you do to have them return?

What price are you willing to pay?

Your life? Or your undying soul? Or the lives of many others?

All to hold that loved one in your arms again...?

And if you knew someone who had that choice, what would you sacrifice for them?



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Thank you.

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