Friday 2 August 2019

It's Not How - It's Why

Someone asked me the other day: "How do you do it?"

"You work in this godforsaken thankless job, yet you also work as an entertainer (at corporate events and private parties) AND you find time to write books. How do you do it?"

I never gave an answer. Most people won't understand until they do it.

1) I love hearing, and seeing, people's expressions of enjoyment in my work. Whether I have recited someone's thoughts on stage (I'm a mentalist), astonished them by causing a spoon to bend between their cupped hands, helped them to escape everyday life through a mind-bending show, or made them laugh at my silly jokes, fantastic satisfaction fills me. I have made someone happy.

2) I enjoy the same thing when I learn people enjoy my books and stories. That means I've created something else from which they derived pleasure and escape from the daily mundane.

That's for starters.

Next is my little girl. She's nearly two years four months. Just this week, her development has cranked up another notch. Instead of single words, she started saying little sentences. "This my nose." "This my eye." I've always loved her, ever since I first dreamed of her over twenty years ago. Every day, I watch her come closer to being that young woman. And I know.

There are more reasons. Many more.

So it's not about HOW.

The question is WHY.

For anything you want to do in life, learn the WHY.

Because when you understand WHY, the HOW presents itself.

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