Saturday 9 November 2019

A Harsh Reality: Your Funeral

How many people will appear at your funeral?
Once it was common for lots of friends and family attend a funeral service. You could count on how strong the connection was between the deceased and the attendees.
These days with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the rest, it's hard to say. I have plenty of followers, but how many are real friends? I figure I'd probably have far less at my funeral than my forebears because human social behaviour has radically changed in less than twenty years.
Social media has skewed reality to a point that many, especially in younger generations, have no idea about true friendship. They're less resilient, quick to block, slow to consider actions and consequences, and far too swift in the false security of their devices' keypads.
It's time for all of us to consider our off-line relationships, how we treat the people we love, how we respect them, and how we let challenges strengthen us instead of cowering behind block buttons.

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