Friday 15 November 2019

My Readers Asked Me About Dead Cell

Detective Brianna Cogan and
Psychic Investigator Craig Ramsey
Occasionally some of my readers ask me questions about my Craig Ramsey series. Without fail, the questions usually turn to Emily (Craig Ramsey's fiesty spirit companion). One reader described her attitude to Craig as "possessive"; I laughed at possibly unintended pun.

So I asked the folks on my Facebook Page to put their questions together.

Here are the most common questions (so far).

How long did it to take to write Dead Cell?
Some time after I released my Twelve Strokes of Midnight, I sat and wrote MOST of the headline for an adventure thriller. I think I started the first chapter in April 2016. The final draft I finished in late October 2016.

Where did you get the idea for Dead Cell?
One morning, on the way to my office, I passed a slow motorist on the Ipswich Motorway. He was travelling at least 20kph under the limit so annoyed a lot of others. This ignorant creature remained oblivious to everyone else on the road. Then I saw him laugh, one hand holding a mobile to his ear. Some believe they’re safer by slowing down to talk.
Not always.
So as I passed this dork, I fantasised about killing him. How would I do it? A gun? No, too clunky if I shot him while driving past him. An electromagnetic pulse to disable his pacemaker? Hmmm.
I wouldn’t want to be caught. Killing him and any other other driver selfish enough not to leave their phone off would need subtle but obvious message... make it look accidental.
Then I thought of the perfect assassin who could do it. A killer that obsessed would need skill and intelligence.
By the time I reached the office, I had everything in the assassin’s characteristics planned.
I had to write about it.

Emily F
In your book Dead Cell you shared that Craig’s lovely Scottish spirit companion Emily had children in a previous life that died young. I really like Emily’s character. Are you planning to write more about her previous life and her connection to Craig? I would love to hear more about the cheeky Emily.

Yes, I love Emily too. What a woman! (The picture attached is one of the closest pictures I've found to illustrate her ... although I originally based her personality around Karen Gillan's character Amy Pond from Doctor Who)

More of Emily’s past life (well, one of them) will come to light. I’ve been toying with a short story to illustrate how your favourite spirit companion met Craig Ramsey.

In Dead Cell, Craig tells how he remembers his first meeting with Emily when he was in high school. But that’s not how it really happened.

There was that one time not long after his parents died when he was 18 months old. He doesn’t remember it... yet.

But that’s only in his current life.

Emily’s life ended in Scotland’s Jacobite era. She knew Rob Roy, she said in Demon Blade. And yes, she had at least one child — and her best friend had a child too.... and spoilers.

Yes, Emily’s story will unfold as will her connection with Craig AND Brianna — and how they connect with each other. Readers will also remember a conversation between Turner and Emily that occurred in Demon Blade. The hint of a "great mission" dropped, and it involves Emily, Turner, Craig, Brianna, and a few others.


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