Sunday 12 November 2023

Ask Me Anything - 13th December 2023

Hey, everyone! Thanks for coming to chat with me!

I'm Chris Johnson, and I'm super excited to be here answering your questions today! I write novels and novellas in speculative fiction -- especially adventure laced with light science fiction and/or supernatural themes! My books range from weird fiction (like what you might find in Twilight Zone, Amazing Stories, etc), tales of psychic detectives and time travellers who end up in a big heap of trouble.  In fact, the latest release is The Paradox of Buck Nowlan, the second in the ChronoSpace series -- it was great fun to write. The third is on its way.

I love adventure and action movies, especially the kind by Stephen Spielberg in the 1980s, and a host of other weird and wonderful things. And I'm often prone to telling some terrible Dad jokes to prove my quirkiness.

I'm Australian, born and bred, and live in Brisbane, Queensland near a brilliant lake around which I often walk. Besides writing, I'm also a mentalist and magician; that explains the Dad jokes.

You can find my books at, and pretty soon there'll be more of me on YouTube when I find the time for it. Every month, I send out a newsletter or two (or three) to my subscribers by email, keeping them up with special deals on my writing... even competitions.

You can find me on social media at Facebook and BookBub.


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