Monday 1 October 2018

The End - Sweet Beginnings


They're the words a lot of authors enjoy reaching after labouring for a year on their masterpieces. It marks the end of creation, the stress of maintaining a novel's continuity, knocking out the perfect words and phrases, and the telling of a story in a way we hope readers enjoy.

But when I reach those words, I also think about how it's like the days when I would finish a school year. Summer break is about to begin, Christmas is coming, and I won't see my friends until the new year when we start all over again. These particular friends, however, are the characters: Craig Ramsey, the sassy spirit companion Emily Fraser, and the tenacious while beautiful Brianna Cogan. The three form the perfect dynamics for each other, and I love them heaps.

That's who I feel after finishing the final draft for Demon Blade. Soon the exams will begin when the book hits the digital shelves at all good e-bookstores and maybe even the shelves of brick-and-mortar stores with the paperbacks.

Demon Blade picks up shortly after the events in its prequel Dead Cell.

A demonic serial killer is terrorising the red-light and stripper joints of Statton. But this isn't any normal murderer. This is a killer with ancient beginnings and many faces, one of which was Jack the Ripper from Victorian London. And this ancient demon carries a secret that links him with our intrepid Craig Ramsey's past. The thriller contains sassy ghosts, some old and some new, and two mysterious new characters.

It's due for release now at all good e-bookstores (incuding Amazon, Kobo, Apple iTunes, Google Play Books, and more).

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