Tuesday 2 October 2018

If You Came In Late

If you have read Dead Cell, you will remember bits and pieces seemed to hang loose like an empty noose in the air.

One particularly strange piece was when Craig Ramsey's adopted nephew Tyrone received a visit from a dark spirit. It said there was only one way to catch his sister who had been murdered before his eyes in the drivers seat beside him.

Then after that, Tyrone "disappeared". He was rarely home when Craig came back, and then there was the ending when Craig picked up his mobile phone to read the text...

Well, the answer to that awaits in Demon Blade. What happened to Tyrone?

I had written a scene which described what happened to Tyrone, his thoughts, the things that flashed through his mind in those moments. But it never made the final version of Demon Blade.

But I have included it so ONLY the readers of my newsletter can see. It will be published next week for them.

You can see it too, if you hurry, and if you're not too late....

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You can find Dead Cell and Demon Blade at any good bookstores by clicking below.

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