Monday 15 October 2018

Inspiration Comes From...?

It is 44 days until DEMON BLADE hits the electronic bookshelves.

Already some friends and readers have asked me what inspired me to write about a serial killer based upon Jack the Ripper.

My answer: Jack the Ripper was only one identity of this killer. There were many more, and possibly, there will be many more. For the creature in DEMON BLADE is older than old. It's ancient, and being drenched in prehistoric legend, it has always been with us.

For there is more to DEMON BLADE than the killer. Every beast has its hunter, and that hunter has a story. I have written that hunter's story as well, but DEMON BLADE is a mere peek into that hunter's life.

But why has this person (a term I use loosely) chosen to devote an entire existence that spans most of humanity's lifetime in "Jack's" pursuit? What could drive that obsession? And what happened along the way?

The hunter's story fascinated me the most. I found myself immersed in Babylonian history, Iraq's ancient civilisation, and even Mesopotamian culture while researching. This hunter even appears in Greek tales, although not in the way it really happened. For there are bigger parties at play in this tale than people realise. Conspiracy reigns behind the scenes all the way.

While I'd love to divulge the full story right now, I won't.

You will have to find out in DEMON BLADE, for until then, my nervous fingers will remain silenced.

DEMON BLADE is available on pre-order now from Amazon, Nook, Kobo, Apple iTunes, Google Play, and other great e-bookstores.

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