Friday 22 May 2020

Picture Yourself In My Next Craig Ramsey Thriller

Imagine this:

Your phone rings. It's your best friend.

You: "Hey, what's up?"
Your friend: "Have you read the latest Craig Ramsey thriller by Chris Johnson?"
You: (acting so nonchalant) "Why?"
Your friend: "Did you notice something weird about it? Your name's in it!"
You: (suppressing a smug chuckle as you look at the same book in your hand) "Yeah, I thought that character was familiar."

Would that be cool?

You bet your sweet cheeks, it would be, and here's your chance.

1. The first condition is that you have to be one of my exclusive subscribers first. The rules will be published in my June newsletter, so you have to hurry.

2. You still have to be a member of my newsletter when the competition is drawn on 30th September. But that's not so bad because by being a member you will have content to exclusive behind-the-scenes content that I don't even place on Facebook (or Twitter).

So what are you waiting for?

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