Friday 24 December 2021

An Interview with Craig Ramsey

Chris Johnson: We're lucky today to meet the main character from the explosive psychic thriller series -- Craig Ramsey. Welcome, Craig.

Craig Ramsey: (looks about in surprise) Where the bloody hell am I now?

Chris Johnson: Currently, in my email group where I talk about your adventures with people who have read about you.

Craig Ramsey: What? (A look of recognition crosses his face) You're Chris Johnson? The fellow whose books I found buried in the--

CJ: Spoilers, Craig. Some haven't read The Universe Crack'd yet. It's okay. This won't take long. You will be back in time for Christmas dinner with your family and new friends.

CR: Great. It's not often one meets their Creator, I guess... But a whole world of people who know me. How much do they know?

CJ: So far, everyone has been across how you met Brianna Cogan. And just like where you come from, they know about your abilities to fathom information from the touch of your hand. And that you keep it a secret from most people. But they also know you can see and commune with the dead... oh, and the ectoplasm

CR: Bloody hell!

CJ: Craig, what would you say is the biggest thing to define you?

CR: Hmm. Not sure why you are asking, but there are many things. The day Celia, my first wife, and our daughter died. I still visit their graves. Then again, I have Emily Fraser who has been like a mother to me, even if she is a ghost. I have known her almost my whole life. And of course, I have Brianna, my wife now, and our daughter, Louise.

CJ: Interesting. And your abilities?

CR: Well, yeah, but I don't think powers define us. An athlete isn't defined by how fast they can run or how high they jump. We are defined by the choices we make and how we cope under different circumstances. But I have a question for you, Chris.

CJ: Fire away.

CR: You have put me through trauma when I met the demon who killed my first wife and daughter. You even had me tortured by him and don't forget Colonel Blaze. Not to mention this tooth that's twisted out of place since I caught that bullet Denton shot at me. Or the recent stint on that --

CJ: Your question being?

CR: I thought I had settled down before Louise's birth. But you brought me back for another adventure. What else do you have planned for me?

CJ: For a moment there, I thought you would ask me about Emily. Wouldn't you like to know more about her?

CR: (a quizzical eyebrow raises) Emily? What about her?

CJ: We have run out of time, Craig. Bye.

CR: Hey!

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