Friday 23 June 2023

A Word from HG Wells

HG Wells - interviewer

 Interviewer (HG Wells): Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Today, I have the pleasure of sitting down with the esteemed author, Chris Johnson, who has taken the art of time travel and woven it into his latest novel, "The Paradox of Buck Nowlan." Welcome, Mr. Johnson.

Chris Johnson: Thank you, Mr. Wells. It's an honour to be here.

Interviewer (HG Wells): The concept of time travel has fascinated readers for centuries. What inspired you to explore this theme in your book?

Chris Johnson: Well, Mr. Wells, your own work, "The Time Machine," has been a tremendous inspiration. I've always been captivated by the idea of traversing through time, witnessing historical events, and exploring the consequences of altering the past. It's a concept that sparks endless possibilities and fuels the imagination.

Interviewer (HG Wells): I'm flattered to hear that my work has had such an impact. Now, tell us about the protagonist, Buck Nowlan. What challenges does he face in his time-travelling adventures?

Chris Johnson: Buck Nowlan is a brilliant inventor who discovers a shocking secret about his personal history. As he embarks on a journey through time, he faces the challenge of balancing his desire to uncover the truth with the promises he has made to his loved ones. His encounters with other time-travellers, the perils of history, and the ethical dilemmas he encounters make for a thrilling and thought-provoking adventure.

Interviewer (HG Wells): It sounds like a compelling narrative, indeed. How do you approach the concept of time travel in your book? Do you follow any particular theories or principles?

Chris Johnson: I've tried to incorporate a mix of scientific theories and imaginative elements to create a believable and exciting time-travel experience. While the ChronoSpace, Buck's invention, has its own rules and mechanics, I've drawn inspiration from various theories, including the concept of branching timelines and the potential butterfly effect.

Interviewer (HG Wells): Fascinating! As a time-travel enthusiast myself, I'm eager to dive into your book. Lastly, what do you hope readers will take away from "The Paradox of Buck Nowlan"?

Chris Johnson: Above all, I hope readers will be entertained by the thrilling journey and the complex characters they'll encounter. But beyond that, I also want to spark their imagination and make them ponder the consequences of altering the past. Time travel opens up discussions about fate, free will, and the delicate balance of history. I hope readers will be inspired to contemplate these concepts long after they've finished reading.

Interviewer (HG Wells): It's been a pleasure talking to you, Mr. Johnson. "The Paradox of Buck Nowlan" sounds like a remarkable addition to the time travel genre. Thank you for sharing your insights, and I wish you every success with your book.

Chris Johnson: Thank you, Mr. Wells. It's been an honour to discuss my work with you. I hope readers will enjoy the adventure I've crafted within the pages of "The Paradox of Buck Nowlan."



The Paradox of Buck Nowlan - a thrilling time travel adventure with twists and turns to keep you reading until the end
If only it were real!

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