Thursday 29 June 2023

Herbert Morrison interviews Chris Johnson

I managed to travel back in time to meet Herbert Morrison, the journalist famous for the line, "Oh! The Humanity!", exclaimed while witnessing the ill-fated Hindenburg's final moments.

Here is the interview he gave me.

Interviewer (Herbert Morrison): Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Tonight, we have a special guest with us, author Chris Johnson, who has written a thrilling new novel. Welcome, Mr. Johnson.

Chris Johnson: Thank you, Mr. Morrison. It's an honour to be here.

Morrison: Your novel sounds intriguing. Can you give us a brief overview?

Johnson: Certainly, Mr. Morrison. "The Paradox of Buck Nowlan" is an exhilarating time travel adventure that follows the journey of Tony Buck Nowlan, the inventor of a secretive time-machine. He finds himself on a mission to uncover a shocking secret about his personal history. Along the way, he encounters danger, mystery, and unexpected twists.

Morrison: Fascinating! Tell me, Mr. Johnson, I couldn't help but notice that one of the scenes in your book is set on the Hindenburg on May 6, 1937. Can you tell us a bit about that?

Johnson: Ah, yes! That particular scene takes place during the ill-fated landing of the Hindenburg airship. It was a tragic event in history, and in my novel, it serves as a pivotal moment for Tony Buck Nowlan as he navigates the perils of time travel. It adds a thrilling element to the story and allows readers to experience the tension and drama of that fateful day.

Morrison: Incredible! I remember reporting on that disaster myself. Now, Mr. Johnson, where do you draw inspiration for your stories?

Johnson: Inspiration can strike from anywhere, Mr. Morrison. Sometimes it's a fleeting thought or a random observation that sparks an idea. Other times, it's delving into history, like the Hindenburg tragedy, or exploring the mysteries of time travel itself. I enjoy blending real-world events and elements with imagination to create a captivating narrative.

Morrison: Absolutely fascinating, Mr. Johnson. I'm sure our listeners are eager to get their hands on your book. When can they expect to find it?

Johnson: "The Paradox of Buck Nowlan" is set to release on August 1st, 2023. It will be available in bookstores and online platforms, ready to transport readers on an unforgettable journey through time.

Morrison: Wonderful! Thank you, Mr. Johnson, for joining us tonight and sharing insights into your exciting new novel. We look forward to diving into the world of Tony Buck Nowlan and experiencing the thrills of your storytelling.

Johnson: Thank you, Mr. Morrison, for having me. It's been a pleasure.

Morrison: And that wraps up our interview with author Chris Johnson. Stay tuned for more thrilling adventures and captivating stories right here on your favourite radio station.

The Paradox of Buck Nowlan by Chris Johnson

If only it had happened!

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